A Perfect Symphony of
Nature and Human.

The lovely clear sound blending in every rhythm of life.
A wonderful symphony connecting human and nature.
Celadon City – the leading green urban township is here.
A place where your homes are embraced among the largest lush green carpet.
A place with modern amenity systems built to aim prosperity and fulfillness.
A place where your souls are cherished with love.
A place where the green color itself can relieve all burdens of stress.


Easy Access to

Located in the center of Tan Phu District – the gateway of West Saigon, connecting all the key locations in the city (Government Offices, Metro Railway 2, Tan Son Nhat Airport) as well as linking all the arterial thoroughfares and routes leading to provinces in the East/West, Celadon City has reached its pinnacle of the organization image with insightful visions, great passion and dedication in its commitment to bring its civilized and dynamic community every modern convenience.


For a long and fulfilling life

Celadon City is a combination of superior living values in an authentic urban area, from daily living, entertainment, health, to education, etc. Opting for developing local amenities before building up solid house, Celadon City is an ideal residental area to a civilized community longing for high quality living standards.

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Perfect from all angles


Brings the beauty and breath of a happy life


Customer Satisfaction

This is an excellent place, low density and a lots of gree. Ideal for families! AEON just a few steps aways. Lots of playground for kids too. Real value for the price.

Kristian Kelemen

Tôi làm ở đây và nơi đây cũng là nhà của tôi tại Ruby, tôi chọn vì đây là một nơi lý tưởng mà vợ tôi với những đứa trẻ yêu thích. Yêu Gamuda Land

Nguyễn Minh Sang

Peaceful atmosphere, green environment, safe place to live

Minh Nguyen

Đơn giản là hài lòng với nhà cửa và không khí sống (gần công viên ở đây). Cho 4 sao là để CĐT biết còn có cái có thể improve hơn được.

Trung Quang Thiều

Không gian cây xanh tuyệt với, môi trường sống lành mạnh đáng để an cư nhất khu vực Phía Tây Sài Gòn.

Lansang Vu


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