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Accounting Manager

Key Responsibilities / Duties:

1. To organize, assign and supervise the Accounts staff on their job function, performance and day today operation.

2. Prepare and review the accounting, financial and other related reports / documents for internal, external reference or circulation. And to ensure the reports are submitted accurately and timely.

3. Liaise with Head Office, Financial Institutions, auditors, tax agent and other statutory bodies on accounting and financial related matters.

4. Monitor to ensure compliance and submit the required taxes (VAT, CIT, FCT, etc) to the Tax Authority.

5. To check the journal entries and posting reports prepared by the Accounts team.

6. Responsible for the provision of training, guidance and support to the Accounts team, to monitor and review their performance to ensure achievement of the targeted goal and maintain reasonable quality of works.

7. Organize the compilation of financial statements for review by the Deputy General Manager – CRE.

8. To be fully responsible, under the law and statutory requirements of Vietnam, for the submission of tax and financial documents to the Authorities.

9. Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time by the management.


Diploma or equivalent qualification.

Minimum 05 years working in Financial Accounting function.

Knowledge of using spreadsheet, Account software.

Able to communicate with all levels, initiate and hard working.


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Trách nhiệm xã hội content

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