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Security Supervisor

1. To comply with regulations and provisions of company.

2. Comply with the direction of Head of Park Management Department.

3. Immediately report any/all break-downs/problems to the Management.

4. Create reports and ensure that all reports are updated regularly.

5. Check all daily books / records.

6. Check the protecting operation of the security contractors (position, patrol, the number of personnel, tools and supplies, attitude, behavior etc.).

7. Participate in training/education and carry out training effectively.

8. Train and encourage all Security Staffs about solutions and implementation of shift management.

9. Ensure that all Security Staffs are fully educated for fast reflexes, calm and professional attitude in emergency situations, including basic aid for sick/injured people, etc, fire and evacuation methods, criminals, etc.

10. Organize meetings with Security’s contractors in order to find the way to improve security team effectively.

11. Create the effectiveness to encourage the effort of each people in Security team.

12. Ensure that all camera system operate exactly and announce to the Management when there is any mistakes and/or unexpected activities in these equipment and any other security equipment.

13. Coordinate with other security forces, such as: Civil Defense, local Police, Fire Protection, Health Organization, etc., to ensure that the Urban area are fully certified and implement correctly all requirements under the law due to these units’ requests.

14. Implement tasks related to Human Resource issues (Security) including the censorship of working manner and report results to the Head of Park Management Department.

15. Ensure the appearance and uniform of all Security guards must be groomed during working time.

16. Present the respect, concern and courtesy to all Residents, Tenants, Clients and employees in our Celadon City.

17. Be responsible for maintaining all equipment and notify any problems to the Management.

18. Be ready and have ability to assist & suggest to the Head of Park Management Department and the Management Board about relevant issues when required.


– Graduation high school/ junior college, certificate of fire prevention, fire fighting, security profession and first aid.

– Minimum 03 years working experience in similar works.

– Good communication & handling emergency case i.e. fighting/accident/etc.

– Able to communicate in English.

– Able to communicate with all relevant parties, energetic, assertive and able to achieve bottom line result.