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Gamuda Land implemented solar energy for Celadon City

Gamuda Land implemented solar energy for Celadon City

Gamuda Land (HCMC) has putted into operation the solar power system at the Celadon Sports & Resort Club (CSRC), the first step for a bold plan to apply this sustainable energy solution to the entire Celadon City (Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City).

Gamuda Land cooperated with Indefol Solar – the international solar energy provider to implemented this project 

With the motto of constantly promoting innovation to bring the best quality of life to the community, Gamuda Land recently cooperated with Indefol Solar to install and put into operation the eco-friendly solar power system at the CSRC sports complex with a scale of 1677 panels, accounting for 4,800 m2 of surface area. The system’s average electricity output is 2,800 kWh/day, equivalent to 84,000 kWh/month in the peak summer months. With the typical warm weather all year in Ho Chi Minh city, this output will not incline much in the remaining months.  

The amount of electricity generated is not only enough to operate the entire CSRC with a total area of more than 5 hectares including 7 functional subdivisions and Gamuda Land (HCMC) office, but also redundant to supply the national grid. It is known that Celadon Sports & Resort Club is the largest sports complex in the west of Ho Chi Minh City, and will be the first large-scale sports complex here to operate entirely on solar energy. Located on the main road of the Celadon City urban area, the complex is equipped with diverse and modern facilities to serve the members’ needs of physical training and sports such as gym, yoga, swimming, tennis, soccer, basketball, … In particular, the tennis court, badminton stadium, swimming pool of the CSRC all meet the Olympic competition standards.

With this project, Gamuda Land (HCMC) decided to cooperate with Indefol Solar, one of the most reputable solar energy system providers with the world-leading energy technologies, software and services.

Giving speech at the activation ceremony, Mr. Angus Liew – General Director of Gamuda Land (HCMC) said: “Gamuda Land is extremely proud to present the first sports complex in Ho Chi Minh City fully operated by solar power. And we will not stop by that. In short-coming time, we will invest more resources to apply this sustainable energy solution to the housing areas in Celadon City, towards making this place a truly autonomous urban township.”

Mr. Angus Liew – General Director of Gamuda Land (HCMC) gave speech at the ceremony

Starting construction in 2009, Celadon City is one of the most prominent world-class townships in Ho Chi Minh City. The highlight of this project is the extremely low construction density of only 20%, the remaining 80% of the land fund is used to create the natural landscape, infrastructure and internal utilities. Celadon City is the home to the third largest park in the city, especially impressive because the various rows of green trees and ecological lakes here are not inherently natural, but was renovated and planned by Gamuda Land from the very beginning of the project, when this place was just empty. 

CSRC is the first-ever sports complex in HCMC to be operated entirely by solar energy 

In addition to the fresh nature, Celadon City residents also easily access modern amenities such as the largest shopping mall in Aeon Mall Tan Phu Celadon, a complex of schools from kindergarten to high school and world-class Celadon Sports & Resort Club sports complex…